The Kitchen is open Every-Day!   

(plus, BRUNCH every Saturday & Sunday​ 10am-5pm)

Joojeh Kabob
mouth watering, juicy chicken shish kabob skewers

Avocado Smash 
can be topped with an over-easy egg

Beef Sliders 
three different mini-burgers on brioche buns

Blistered Shishito Pepper’s 
Vegan, Japanese Peppers, 9 in 10 are mild

Potato Croquettes

little potato balls, chipotle aioli dip

Parmesan-Truffle Fries

crispy fries with italian truffle oil

Classic French Fries

vegan, crispy & comforting

Chicken Sammich 

grilled marinated chicken strips with 'shrooms, chipotle, greens & carmelized onions

Hummuss w/Zaatar

vegan, made in house, one of our specialties

All Three Mezze's

Eggplant Matbucha, Roasted Beets w/Feta & Hummuss

Kale Salad

kale, radichio, cherry tomato & pecans  (optional avocado, egg, &/or chicken)​​

Warmed Israeli Olives

Manzanilla olives imported from Israel, tossed lightly over the fire

Fig Jam Sandwich

Housemade Fig Jam with Goat Cheese & a light drizzle of honey between bread

Halva Creme Brulee

Halve and Vanilla blended together, torched and topped with Halva Crumbles

Pot De Creme

chocolate, melted, blended with cream & sugar, left to cool, topped with whip cream


One for $7, or all Five for $24

(served with house-made fig jam, honey, grain mustard, gherkins & more)

Montealva Curado - firm & flaky goat cheese w/a light-citrusy flavor - Andalucia, Spain

Roquefort D'Argental - strong semi-soft cows milk cheese (similar to Bleu)- Midi Pyrenees, France

Malvarosa - hard sheeps milk similar to "Manchego", only more buttery, rich & sweet. - Valencia, Spain

Bianco Sardo - hard cheese made from sheep that exclusively graze on natural grass. - Sardegna, Italy

Tallegio - very soft, offering a nutty flavor with pronounced fruity nuances. - Lombardia, Italy



everything on-tap

~ WINE ~


* Served by the Glass, or get a CARAFE TO SHARE *



   Sustainable Pinot Grigio - Sicily, Italy
   Sauvignon Blanc -  Italy 
   Gruner Veltliner - Baumgartner, Austria
   Rose' - Siciliy, Italy
   Riesling -  Finger Lakes, NY
  Sweet Riesling - New York, NY
   BIO-DYNAMIC Chardonnay - New York
   Prosecco - Italy



    Merlot - Veneto, Italy           
   BIO-DYNAMIC  Montepulciano - Italy      
   BIO-DYNAMIC   Pinot Noir - Willamette Valley, Oregon       
    Nebbiolo Blend -  Langhe Rosso, Italy
    Tempranillo - Katas, Rioja, Spain
 BIO-DYNAMIC Cabernet Sauvignon -   Sonoma, CA
   Malbec - El Rede,  Mendoza, Argentina
   Amoroso -  Italy


(served by the pint, in a frosted mug, strictly on tap)

Kelso Pilsner
No Resolutions IPA
Hitachino Red Rice Ale
Narragansett Lager
Black Duck Porter

Special Beer (always changing, usually GRIMM)

Rose’ Cider





All our specialty drinks start out as "Secret's"...  SO COME IN & ASK "WHAT'S THE NEWEST SECRET SPECIAL!"

 Cold-Brew Beer

Black Beer poured over Cold-Brew Coffee - CAFFEINE & ALCOHOL!


Viking Blod Tea

19% alc. Viking Blod Honey Mead in a glass of Hot Black Organic Tea.
...Similar to a Hot Toddy, only better.


Viking Blod Beer
A shot of 19% alc. Viking Blod Honey Mead in a Frosted Pint of Beer.



Chardonnay White Wine w/a Shot of 19% alc. Viking Blod


Prosecco combined w/the probiotics of Organic Hibiscus-Lime Kombucha, to create a tasty & effective  “HANGOVER CURE”  



Housemade Lavender Syrup with Sparkling Italian White Wine

Classic Mimosa

Good old fashioned OJ & Prosecco


Classic Spritzer

Sweet Riesling topped with Sparkling H20

“The Third Eye”  

Black Porter Beer, Espresso Float, Toasted Marshmallow Garnish  (*available ‘til 7pm)




Cup of Coffee 
the best f**king Cup of Coffee you ever had


simply perfect, we take our Espresso seriously

Espresso w/Milk

Let's get real. Machiato, Cortado & Latte are all "Espresso + Steamed Milk"

...and they are all Glorious! so let's drop the labels.

Cold Brew Coffee

On-Tap, Iced, in a Frosted Mug, less acidic than hot-brewed

(always available, on tap)​

NITRO Cold Brew
nitrous infused cold brew coffee, comes out frothy, no need for ice.

(always available, on tap)​

Organic Tea
(black, green or herbal, by RISHI)​


Espresso Bar Specialties

“The Third Eye”
Black Porter Beer, Espresso Float, Marshmallow

Viking Blod Tea

19% alc. Honey Mead + Black Tea (Hot or Iced)


Nitro, Cream, Housemade Vanilla Syrup

  (our alternative to that other nonsense)

Santos French Toast

Espresso w/Oat Milk, Organic Maple Syrup & Cinnamon


Turmeric Tonic

Anti-Inflammatory,  Turmeric + Carbonation


(our staff makes many amazing off the menu drinks, some virgin, some alcoholic... just ask)